A Journey Through Design and Art Direction with Maitreyee

The brains behind Mee Studio, Maitreyee, is a dynamic freelance illustrator and designer who has made an enduring impression on the design community. Her portfolio features an excellent selection of jobs with prestigious clients like Samsung, UCLA, KraveBeauty, and more. Take a fascinating journey through her career, from her beginnings at the University of Pune to her most recent position as an art director for ABinBev’s venerable brands including Budweiser, Corona, Hoegaarden, and Seven Rivers.

Journey of Childhood: Laying a Solid Foundation


At the University of Pune, Maitreyee began her journey, honing her abilities and laying the groundwork for her future success. She set off on a unique path that would see her work with some of the top businesses in the world, armed with a passion for design and a strong ambition to create.

Explore the World of Art Direction

The worldwide brewing firm ABinBev, famed for its recognisable beer brands, hired Maitreyee as its Art Director last year. She found herself at the vanguard of creative innovation while working on initiatives for Budweiser, Corona, Hoegaarden, and other brands. One of her well-known initiatives was “Art of Drinking with Budweiser,” a marketing campaign that expertly merged art and libation and demonstrated her distinctive branding strategy.


A Multifaceted Creative: From Packaging to Illustrations

Maitreyee’s creative prowess knows no bounds. Her portfolio is a testament to her versatility, spanning diverse projects such as packaging design for beer cartons, intricate illustrations for Seven Rivers, and even templates for FIFA 2022 World Cup promotions. Her ability to adapt and excel in different design domains is a testament to her dedication and talent.

Dedicated to Innovation and Exploration

Her unrelenting dedication to experimentation, research, and experience is demonstrated by Maitreyee’s journey. She continually pushes the limits of artistic expression, whether it be through the creation of TV ads for Samsung, branding for ADPlist events, or illustrating for UCLA’s editorial quarterly issues.

Maitreyee’s tale is motivational. Her journey from a Pune student to a recognised Art Director for international brands is a prime example of the unbounded potential of creative minds. She keeps pushing herself and encouraging others to stretch their own creative limits with each effort. She is a true luminary in the fields of design and art direction due to her commitment to her profession and her talent for producing outstanding visual experiences. We are looking forward to seeing what Maitreyee and Mee Studio have planned for the development of branding and design in the future.

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